Best Foreign Collaboration Management System in Malaysia with generous features and affordable plans

Collaboration among colleges: impossible mission? No! Collaborate with multiple International school, colleges and universities with myCampusSquare Foreign Collaboration Management System. Real collaboration across the organization was virtually impossible, but cloud-based myCampusSquare Foreign Collaboration Management software brought up a new flexibility to the institution to manage everything at one place. Foreign school, colleges and universities collaboration as a concept is great, but managing multiple collaboration is difficult. Even though it is difficult to manage, myCampusSquare Foreign Collaboration Management System will give you the flexibility and efficiency.

Centralize login system will provide the benefits that each school, college, university can access and even cooperation are far easier practices to implement than true collaboration. myCampusSquare Foreign Collaboration Management System will reduces the gap between all the employees.

Multiple Institute Collaboration Management System

Multiple Institute Collaboration

Organizations can work closely with all the institutions by using myCampusSquare Foreign Collaboration Management System.

For instance, if an organization offers any new programme according to what students need, want, and demand. And same programme can be run in all institutes.

In addition, you can implement online cloud-based learning management system software LMS with interactive whiteboard that can conduct virtual classroom to give student real-time experience on courses. This way, they’ll always know what they can learns from the collaboration institutes.


myCampusSquare Foreign Collaboration Management System offers all the benefits of group chat with real-time response. Sending emails is a safe way to contact with employees, but, as your response rates might indicate, email is not always the most effective sourcing method.

If you're having a conversation in a myCampusSquare Foreign Collaboration Management System, you can poll a question about, or comment on, something you found interesting and get an instant reply. It's usually easier to answer informal questions than to create an answer email between a busy schedule and a video meeting.

Communication System
Foreign Collaboration Management System is Easy

myCampusSquare Foreign Collaboration Management System is Easy

Institutions can use many of myCampusSquare features and integrations to improve the quality, productivity and efficiency. All content inside Collaboration Management System is downloadable, including files, student, employee data and various analytical report.

Integration with tools like myCampusSquare virtual classroom makes online classes even more effective. Any person with common professional can use Slack to manage daily works, broadcasting news to student and their parents and have conversations through WhatsApp or email or myCampusSquare virtual classroom.

Certification Programs

Work with institutions of higher learning to develop certification programs. A lot of employees will already have a degree, so they won’t want to go back to school full time when it’s not necessary or can end up costing them a lot of money.

However, employees will be more interested in following programs that will help them refresh their skills or make them look more competitive for promotion or new roles. And organization will enable their employees to become more proficient with certification programs, while organizations will be able to gain more applicants and provide more competitive programming for their potential students. If an organization is ready to pursue more collaborative relationships with colleges and universities, then myCampusSquare Collaboration Management System will help effectively.

Certification Programs