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What is myCampusSquare Online Virtual Classroom?

Online virtual classroom is a digital evaluation of a traditional theatrical classroom or training room. Tutors trains and student learns in real-time, face-to-face but through myCampusSquare Online Virtual Classroom. Tutor can teach and interact with interactive whiteboard. Intelligent, ideal and discussions take place in real time. Virtual live quiz and test result can give instant.

Everything remains as it is. The difference is that online virtual classroom uses technology to support digital learning and teaching. Question can come in mind "What are the advantages of online virtual classroom?" It provides more flexibility than a traditional theatrical classroom. Teachers can provide guidance to globally dispersed audience at a time from anywhere with internet connection. Both tutors and students have rich experiences collaborating with other trainees and tutors around the world. In addition, online collaboration typically includes more tools of communication, such as chat, open discussion boards, polls and multimedia content.

Online virtual classes work the same way for any institute and businesses. You can provide face-to-face training to students, employees, vendors, partners and customers through myCampusSquare Online Virtual Classroom or integrate it with your website, EMS or LMS. Students can connect the e-Learning features and participate in course contents directly from their smartphones, tablets or laptops by their user access.

Why choose myCampusSquare online Virtual classroom

Advanced interactive whiteboard
High-definition video conferencing
Secure live streaming
Record Live Class
Live Chat
Live screen sharing
Live Quiz
Share chat discussion
Share an external video

Simple & Powerful Online Virtual Classroom


Interactive White Board

The interactive online whiteboard comes with a full-screen mode, creating a large workspace for the tutor. The tutor can open multiple whiteboards to write text, draw, show diagrams, can upload Images or even play videos from the computer library without any trouble.

Advanced geometric shapes and graphs make it easy to teach math and statistics. Tutors can teach physics, chemistry, language class, the training programme can be done through Virtual Classroom. The dependence of world maps helps when tutors teaching geography. Tutors can annotate, illustrate, and comment on existing files or images.

Live Chat & Polls

Conduct real-time interactions allows tutor to communicate with students during live classes. Tutor can transfer audio or video files to students in the virtual classroom. The Live Poll option allows tutor to create a poll to raise questions or give feedback. Students can use the live chat feature, public note and the raise hand feature to ask questions.


Screen Sharing and HD Video Meetings

HD Screen sharing is almost as important to virtual classes as the video feed itself. When tutor are able to show collaborators what's on the screen, tutor will save time that would otherwise be spent explaining what students are seeing. They can avoid unnecessary questions that are answered with a live feed. Tutors are able to share multiple screens simultaneously with myCampusSquare Virtual Classroom.

Cloud Based

In the era of internet and HD video quality conference no need traditional desktop-based software installation. Turn on your device internet and attend the virtual classroom from anywhere anytime. 27/7 accessible cloud based myCampusSquare Virtual classroom will give you the reality of your traditional classroom.