Best Online Distance Learning Management System in Malaysia with generous features and affordable plans

An institute of Online Distance Learning (ODL), everyone believes on quality learning using multimode learning through new technologies. One of such technologies is myCampusSquare ODL Managements System, an eLearning management system developed by myCampusSquare School, College, University management system software developer team. As a tool for managing learners' learning, myCampusSquare ODL Managements System is designed to meet the core needs of peers, including discussion, real-time interactive whiteboards, assessments, auto emails, homework, poll, quiz etc. for online learning.

A new generation of learning software, called Learning Management System (LMS), is rapidly replacing course management systems (CMS) in colleges and universities around the world. With an emphasis on learning management system rather than online course management, ODL Managements System can store educational content so that it can be referenced by many courses. With the core idea of having a "comprehensive and flexible e-learning system", myCampusSquare developed its own Online Distance Learning ODL management system, which is designed and developed to provide various user like Student, Tutor, administrator with separate user access to the information, administration, teaching and learning, communication via chat, Support service and many other exciting features.

Most important feature of myCampusSquare ODL Managements System is its unified online learning environment and targeted delivery. Tutors can upload and deliver courses to an individual student, a small class/group/batch of students or the entire class/group/batch of students. Also tutor can initiate forum and monitor student’s participation very easily. This is an important element for group discussion to ensure equitable participation among all students.

Online Distance Learning Management System Online Course Management

Online Course Management

By using ODL Managements System, an administration can add or remove individual or group of students from courses. The tool also can be used to define course duration. Course profile is a feature under course management where tutors and administrator can access to upload course objectives, syllabus, schedules, course resources, PDF, digital content like video or image etc.

Virtual classroom with interactive whiteboard

Virtual classroom is a digital evaluation of a traditional theatrical classroom or training room. Tutors trains and student learns in real-time, face-to-face but through myCampusSquare ODL Managements System. Tutor can teach and interact with interactive whiteboard. Intelligent, ideal and discussions take place in real time. Virtual live quiz and test result can give instant.

Online Distance Learning Management System Virtual classroom with interactive whiteboard
Online Distance Learning Management System Assignment Home work


Tutors can upload and publish assignment to Individual and group of students. Students can download and then submit the entire assignment online. Also tutor can download all the Students assignments into their local computer with just a click of a button. Tutor can give grade the assignments and provide the feedback for each students’ which can be viewed through each Students course page. This feature also incorporates details such as deadlines information, target user submission modes (to tutor) and notification modes. It boosts confidence and encourages peaks to be responsible for their own education. On the other hand, tutors are able to communicate information to students in a more attractive way than in text-based learning programs.

Online quiz and activities

The tutor can create and deliver tests or quizzes using easy-to-use test template or select assessment items from a pool of questions in the Question Bank. These templates are for True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, Matching, and Ordering, Fill in the Blank and Essay type questions. Instructors can add, correct and provide feedback for each assessment item and when the assessment is available. Administrator or tutor can setup time duration for each question and each exam by using myCampusSquare ODL Managements System. Once students start the exam, they will receive an auto alert at the middle of the exam time and before 15 minutes of exam finish. Once exam finish student can see their score card and also correct answer for each question.

Online Distance Learning Management System Online Quiz and Activities
Online Distance Learning Management System Tracking and Monitoring

Tracking and Monitoring

The instructor can track students' learning progress and activities, assessment grades (Either self-examination or test), use of course materials and participation in interactive whiteboards or discussion forum. Although myCampusSquare ODL Managements System helps combines different learning styles in eLearning, it also provides an opportunity to monitor the type of education received by tutors. Institutes can also use this tool to teach and monitor tutors work online and pay them accordingly.