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Instructors love myCampusSquare for how easy it is-to import, build, and manage courses, to grade, to communicate with their students, and to love.

Students love myCampusSquare because of its highly customizable notification system, its integration with their favorite devices and social platforms, interactivity, ease of use.

And admins love myCampusSquare because it gives them control over things they couldn't do before.

Franchise Management System

Using this system every other institute who ever want to get franchise, they have to apply online and get approval and MOU through online. myCampusSquare is one of the Top Education Franchise Management. Franchisor can give access to all franchise to access and do there daily academic and nonacademic activities as like - Student Admission, Prepare Academic Calendar, Class Timetable, Attendance, Marking, Result, Tuition fee collection, Invoice, Payment, Online study, Online Lecturer Notes, PowerPoints, PDF and Video class etc. many more features.

Multiple Campus Management System

If you have multiple campus or centers running across the nation or globally, then myCampusSquare is the best solution for your business. Manage all other centers and branches from one system without using multiple system. Easy generate reports. Access to each centers and get reports on daily admission, income, expenses, HR and many mores. All in one multiple center management solution.


Simple, Powerful & Affordable School Management System

Programme Syllabus Setup

myCampusSquare LMS system to setup all the programmes/courses syllabus in details. Setup learning objective, learning outcome, learning synopsis. Programme year and semester setup together with which subject under which semester etc. Programme entry requirement, carrier opportunities, programme brief description etc.

Online Course Builder and Content Management

myCampusSquare LMS provides accessible content to learners. With myCampusSquare LMS, you can use embedded content creation tools that support multiple formats. The tools you need are ready immediately.

Subject Semester Setup

myCampusSquare LMS, system to setup each semester subject together with subject name, code, credit hour, subject status, pre-requisition etc. Each subject learning objective, learning outcome, learning synopsis.

Subject Assessment Configuration

myCampusSquare LMS, system to configure, all the subjects and assessment breakup for summative and formative exam, as like Assignment 20%, Class Test 10%, Quiz 20% and Final Exam 50%. You can setup your own type of subject assessment breakup as all the subject don’t follow the same breakup.

Subject Topic Creation

System to create all subject’s topic - point by point, which is accessible from the student portal and which help students to know their class progression and mentally prepare.

Notes-Study Material Upload

Using myCampusSquare LMS lecturer can upload daily lecture notes, study material in the form of PPT, PDF, VIDEO and it is accessible from each student's portal.

Sample Assessment, Assignment, Final Exam Questions

Student can access course guide, sample assessment, assignment, final exam questions from their portal.

Upload Assignment

myCampusSquare LMS - online Assignment allocation by the lecturer and upload system from student portal, lecturer can mark online.

Online Forum

Online forum system, for lectures to initiate discussion topic for lecturer own subject and each registered student can join the forum for discussion. System auto monitor and calculate each student’s forum attendance count, visit count, view count and give details report to the lecturer for evaluation and marking.

Online MCQ System

Online MCQ System for students to attend online MCQ exam, true false, color match, image match etc. Admin can setup time duration or each question and each exam. Once students start the exam, they will receive an auto alert at the middle of the exam time and before 15 minutes of exam finish. Once exam finish student can see their score card and also correct answer for each question.

Learner Benefits

Students can access audio, visual or interactive educational information, giving them a richer experience than a traditional setting. An LMS is an enhanced online classroom.

Social Learning and Notifications

Get real-time notifications of activity from your teams and learners. Drive higher course completion rates through unique communication and notifications. An LMS keeps you up to speed with your students.

Analytics and tracking

Monitor your learners with enhanced completion tracking and personalised learning plans, built from competency frameworks and learning objectives. Benefit from myCampusSquare LMS’s powerful analytics to predict and support learners at risk of failing.

Socialize your learning

Support your learners on their journey through private messaging, group activities and collaborative experiences.


The best LMS should give admins and instructors the ability to add or complete tasks automatically, giving them more time to focus on teaching. Litmos can automate such tasks as group enrollment and task assignment.